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Founded in 1984 and based in Calera, Oklahoma, Gas Turbine Applications (GTA) delivers its turbine services from a 16,000 sq ft workshop which includes a Saturn® and Centaur® test facility as well as a fully equipped machine shop.

This modern workshop includes 2 overhead cranes (up to 7 T capability) and build stands for both Saturn® and Centaur® engines. GTA also maintains a 9600 sqft facility dedicated as a turbine test facility.

GTA provides competitively priced repair and overhaul for:

  • Saturn® gas producers, power turbines and accessory drives
  • Centaur® gas producers, power turbines and accessory drives
  • Reduction gearboxes

Each turbine is disassembled, cleaned, inspected, repaired, balanced, assembled and tested to the highest quality standards.

GTA has complete experience with the following engines and have completed in excess of 40 Centaur® and 50 Saturn® full overhauls in the last 10 years:

  • Centaur® (HED) Complete Engine (GP, PT and AD)
  • T4002 / T4502 Complete Engine Exchange
  • T4702 Complete Engine Exchange
  • Centaur® (CED) Complete Engine
  • T4001 / T4501 Complete Engine Exchange
  • T4701 Complete Engine Exchange
  • Saturn® Split Shaft Complete Engine (GP, PT and AD)
  • T1102 Complete Engine Exchange (MKI Style)
  • T1202 Complete Engine Exchange (MKII Style)
  • T1302 Complete Engine Exchange (MKII Style)
  • Saturn® 3 Wheel Complete Engine
  • T1201 Complete Engine Exchange (MKI / MKII Style)
  • T1301 Complete Engine Exchange (MKII Style)

Since 1984 GTA has completed over 300 Saturn® and 150 Centaur® overhauls. GTA services include:

  • Complete overhaul and exchange capability on Saturn® 10, Saturn® 20, Centaur® 40 and Centaur® 50 including SoloNOx
  • Onshore and offshore service teams — over 200 years cumulative experience
  • Complete parts Inventory and repair service
  • Centrifugal gas compressors are our speciality


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turbine dis-assembly area

Turbine dis-assembly and assembly area

aerial view of GTA site

GTA Workshop - Aerial View

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